Viva Lewes Cover

Mary Fellows Designed the May cover of Viva Lewes. The Viva theme was Keeping it Clean and here it is…

VIVA COVER MAY 2015 3 copys


Viva Lewes said “Once we’d decided on a theme of keeping it clean, we felt that, because of her punchy graphics and the retro packaging feel of her designs, Mary Fellows was an obvious choice of cover artist.”

It was exciting! I love drawing pictures. I took the shapes from an old OMO package, then made the words relevant both to the magazine and a soap packet. I always prefer to work in two colours when i’m screen printing, but since this isn’t a screen print, its drawings i’ve scanned, i decided to add some extra yellow, orange and blue.

And it’s not the first time Mary has been the Cover Artist for Viva!

I also used a few elements from my Christmas Viva cover – such as the background graph squares.

Viva Lewes undercover
viva undercover
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